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Renovations, Building Alterations and Construction  

Helpful Check list for all new buildings, extensions and most structural alterations for

submitting building plans to Johannesburg City Council

Complete application form Registered Title Deed or Draft Deed + covering letter from  attorneys SACAP form to be completed by your architect Completed engineer’s appointment form to, the engineer has to  sign the plans. Engineer’s appointment form to be completed by wet works –  drainage engineer Zoning info (+ Map 3) Approved SG Diagram Power of Attorney to whoever is submitting your plans Company resolution, if property is registered in a company name. Plans for site, elevations, sections and floor, 2 X copies of, 1 X  coloured in. Detailed coverage schedules Regulation 38 Clearance, if required Home owner’s consent, if required (for complexes) All drawings must be signed by the architect, owners and  engineer If plans are for a commercial building, please show on plan Sanitary Schedules + Disabled facilities. For commercial buildings fire first has to approve the plans before I can collect. (Add Fire Rational design.) If a commercial building council reg require a Promulgation Notice + Proof of Bulk Contributions Paid For commercial buildings I’ll need a copy of your approved SDP  and SDP Approval Letter Commercial Buildings – Add the Wet services layout Dimension all boundaries – Show building lines If we encroach the building line, please complete a Building Line Relaxation Application. Submission fees to “City Of Johannesburg” Approximately 0.3% of estimated cost of alterations
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